Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning if you click and make a purchase then I will be financially compensated. However, I only recommend products I am currently using and if you asked me in person then I’d tell you the same thing.

Blog Hosting and Theme

My blog is hosted on iPage and I use the Blogera Theme purchased through Mojo Marketplace.

I was already familiar with wordpress.org and although some things took me a while to figure out, I enjoy using this theme. It has a visual drag and drop feature which allows me to create the look and feel I want on my web pages with no knowledge of html and limited time.

Writing Tools

I am a grammar nerd and I LOVE Grammarly. I use the paid version, which is well worth every penny. The free version is a good option too, to help catch spelling and grammar errors. I have it downloaded to my browers so I can even use it when posting to Facebook. Which I love because there is nothing more annoying to me than someone else pointing out my mistakes when I’ve typed too hastily.

The paid version helps catch issues of style as well. We all have a tendency to overuse certain words and Grammarly will highlight those for you and often suggest alternatives. It will also help you to avoid overuse of the passive voice and other issues important to a clear writing style.

It is not perfect and cannot replace a well-trained copyeditor or proofreader, but if you can’t afford to hire someone it is a must have tool. Anyone who writes online in any capicity for business, or just for an audience needs this tool. I’m serious. The world is a better place when there are fewer grammar errors in it.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Hemingway Editor is another must have tool. You can use the free version in your browser of download the app for $19.99. A lot of bloggers use Grammarly and Hemingway Editor together and consider them the dream team for clear, accurate and well written blog content.

I usually compose pieces in Hemingway and then run them through Grammarly before I post the article. This process also helped to take my writing to the level needed to get published and paid for my work online. I don’t have a native English speaker (my spouse is Japanese and although my son is in training for the job, he’s only 3) around to check my writing but this combination is the next best thing.