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How to Make Your Mom Guilt Work for You

We live in strange times, living much of our life online. Social media affects who we are and how we feel about everything, including motherhood.

Through the filter of Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, the guilt which seems to be an integral part of motherhood gets amplified. It can make best of us feel like it’s impossible to measure up.

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I'm Sticking with Love

We are on a train, my son and I. He is sitting on my lap facing me. There is not much space on the seat, and he is a chunky 2.5-year-old. He hits my nose with his forehead, not intentionally, but with enough force that it hurts.

“Sit still,” the words shoot out of my mouth, unnecessarily stern. He pouts and looks me in the eye and says several times:


Mama, Are You Happy?


My son looks up at me, his chubby face squashed against the blue sheet covering his mattress. His big brown eyes will me to say yes to his innocent question. He scrunches his face up into the cheesiest smile he can muster.

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A Boy and his Trains

I am excited to be writing my first post for Mee a Bee bags! Let me introduce myself and my small person. I’m Kamsin, a stay at home mum to one gorgeous, energetic, funny little soon to be three-year-old named Euan. We live in Yokohama, Japan, a big, busy urban area an hour south of Tokyo.
ship ahoy

Ship Ahoy!

Please allow me to take some time to introduce a bit about our daily lives and the city I call home, Yokohama. Yokohama is a large city made up of several wards (or ku in Japanese). The ku we live in is mostly residential with a few businesses and factories. They are building new apartment buildings and housing all the time.
Kamakura day trip

A Simple Day Exploring Somewhere New

Kamakura is my favourite place in Japan. It's full of quirky little shops and cafes. There's a wonderful farmers market. The ocean is a short walk from the station. Hiking trails wind through the mountains. And there are countless shrines and temples dotted across the area.