Learning to Live in Harmony


Learning to Live in Harmony

Harmony isn’t always easy to achieve

“Oh ooohhh Oh ohohoh, Oh ooohhh Oh ohoho,” sings Euan with the pure joy and enthusiasm that only a 3-year-old can muster.

His Daddy joins in.

“Daddy, don’t sing.”

Daddy stops. Euan begins his refrain again. When he reaches the end, he decides it is Mummy’s turn to sing. Then Daddy gets a turn.

Finally, he wants us to all sing together. It’s not pretty.

“Stop. One, two, three, four,” Euan gives counting us in a try. It helps, at least we all begin at the same time and get closer to the correct rhythm. But we are still not exactly what you would call harmonious.

We each give different emphasis to the “oohhs” and don’t hit the same notes. We are not used to singing together. Perhaps we need more practice.harmony

Gotta get More Wa

I recently did an online brand assessment created by Makelight (you can try it here if you have a website, instagram or twitter). Apparently, my blog was low in harmony. Among other things. I have no idea how they created this tool. But it is a fascinating insight into your soul….and your brand.

Huh? I thought. What does that even mean? When I thought about it more, I realized it reflects the fact that I value personal truth and uniqueness. Values which may at times conflict with harmony.

Which is somewhat ironic being as harmony is one of the most important cultural values in Japan. But group harmony is often achieved at the expense of personal freedom.

Everyone needs to stay in their allotted position and do the things expected of them. Which is not something I’m very good at.

However, in my family life, greater harmony would be a good thing. My son is sweet and adorable, but often his demands and wants are in direct contradiction of mine.

I need to cook; he wants my attention. He seems to have this intense need to rough, physical play. But his regular full body slams, leave me feeling like I’m under constant attack. I like peace and quiet, but recently he’s adopted this weird humming noise which he does non-stop.

How to achieve greater harmony during the times he’s at home? I’m working on that one! Your suggestions are welcome.

There’s an Oil for That

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar at Young Living Japan’s Shinjuku showroom. They give new members a free bottle of a blend called ‘Harmony‘, which seemed a fitting thing to receive in Japan!

I read somewhere that one drop above your belly button can help promote a calm mind and positive feelings.

And there’s a lesson in there somewhere about the need to bring our own body and mind into harmony first. Lifestyle issues such as poor diet, or lack of exercise can leave our body out of sync. Negative feelings that we carry with us from the past or unresolved issues can leave our minds out of sync. Which isn’t going to lead to greater harmony in our lives!

So I will be reaching for some Harmony EO every morning. And as for the singing, I guess we better keep practising!

harmony young living
ワイエルハーモニー *Young Living Harmony – An Essential Oil Synergy created to promote uplifting feelings.

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