Hello! And Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Young Living Essential Oils. My name is Kamsin and if you don’t know me please click here to read my About Page. Or, keep reading to the end¬†to learn more about my journey to becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor


What is Young Living?

Young Living is a Network Marketing company from the US. It specializes in Essential Oils and also sells essential oil infused household, beauty and wellness products to support a toxin-free lifestyle. More about that in a minute.

I knew nothing about Network or Multi-level Marketing before I started to learn about Essential Oils. My husband was very skeptical, and it took a while for him to become supportive. So I’m going to address that topic head-on.

Simply put network marketing means that you don’t find the products in the stores and you won’t see them advertised on TV or in magazines. You will learn about them through word of mouth and a personal recommendation from someone you know, in person or online.

Initially, there is a learning curve when using Essential Oils. Having a friend to explain safety and help you find the best resources to learn how to use the oils effectively is priceless. When you buy from Young Living that is exactly what you get!

From time to time there’ll be a story about something which happened using essential oils. An accident or negative outcome. Invariably, the individual bought oils on Amazon and without learning how to use them safely problems occur. The quality of essential oils bought on Amazon is questionable anyway, but we’ll get to that later.

Am I expected to sell or meet a quota?

Absolutely not. It seems to be a common misconception, especially here in Japan, that if you become a member you will be expected to sell. Nothing could be farther from the truth! It’s more like Costco or Amazon Prime membership. There are benefits to joining but no obligation to sign up anyone else.

If you do fall in love with the product you will have the option to make extra money sharing the oils with your friends. But most people use the oils and other products to support the health and wellness of themselves and their family and the story ends there for them.

Any questions? Message me on Facebook or pop me an email to kamsin @ kamsinkaneko.com