Introduction to Essential Oils

What’s all the fuss about Essential Oils these days? I mean really, what’s the big deal?

Maybe you’ve heard some stories from your friends (or me) about some of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Or maybe you enjoy using essential oils for relaxation or to make your home smell nice.

Maybe you are curious about Young Living’s range of oils and products but you would like a low risk option before you commit to a full wholesale membership.

Whatever you reason for being here today, this course will open your eyes to the incredible power of essential oils to bring about personal transformation and empowerment.

And you will be able to experience some of the oils for yourself! Because you need to smell the oils and we can’t do that over a computer screen!


My life has changed dramatically since I started using essential oils. I am calmer, more resilient, I have a new sense of purpose and determination to keep growing and becoming the best me! Not to mention improved wellness for all my family. I had no idea how life changing some small, sweet smelling bottles could be!


Please allow me to take you on a short journey into some of the ways I am using Essential Oils in my daily life. Who knows maybe this will be the start of the next big adventure in your life!!!


Introduction to Essential Oils 5-Day Online Class

The modern usage of essential oils blends knowledge which goes back centuries with modern science giving you a powerful toolbox to enhance your life. In this 5 day class you will have the opportunity to learn what essential oils are and learn about how they work.

Day 1: Essential Oils 101

  • What is an essential oil?
  • How is aroma processed in our body?
  • How have essential oils been used throughout history?
  • How do you use essential oils?
  • What is a carrier oil and how do you use it?

Day 2: The Toxin Free Home

  • How can essential oils be used in the home to support a chemical free lifestyle?
  • How can a Young Living membership help you to “ditch and switch”? In other words, how can you switch out the chemical products you use in your home in an easy and affordable way?
  • How can you incorporate oils into your cleaning and skincare routines?

Day 3: Emotional Freedom with Essential Oils

  • Can oils help you release the emotional and mental blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals?
  • Can essential oils help you silence your inner critic and tune into your inner mentor?

Day 4:  The Benefits of a Young Living Membership

  • What are the different types of membership with Young Living?
  • Which oils are in the Premium Starter Kit and what else do I get?
  • What is Essential Rewards, how do I get free oils and what other benefits are there?

Day 5: How to Get Your Oils For Free

  • How can you get your oils paid for by sharing with your friends?
  • How can Young Living help you on your path to wellness, purpose and abundance?
  • How do I sign up?

How does the class work? What does it cost? Do I have to attend at specific times?

Every day I will release one or two new videos which you can watch at your leisure. They will be between 10-25 minutes long.

You will have access to a secret Facebook Group where I will be answering questions and posting additional links and information. I will also do a Facebook Live on the final day.

The course will cost $12 (approx ¥1350 or 9 pounds). You will get the following:

  • Two 5ml roller bottles. One will be an essential oil infused Face Serum and the second will be a blend to help with Focus and Clarity.
  • I will also include a free sample of either Lavender or Peppermint EO. If you have a preference please specify on checkout.

The maximum class size is 10 people. I like small and intimate. I want to know the names of every person I’m talking to, I’m tired of being another number in an online group with 2000 people!

Class dates are : NOVEMBER 20th to 24th, 2017.


*Please note: This course is open to people who are not currently Young Living members. The fee of $12 covers the cost of materials and postage to wherever you are in the world. If you decide to join my team at the end of the week the money will be refunded in full.