How to Trust Your Intuition – You are on the Right Path

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How to Trust Your Intuition – You are on the Right Path

It can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day distractions. Or to get lost comparing ourselves to other people. We let fear, doubt, worry make our decisions for us. We trust someone else’s opinion instead of our own intuition. But the only way to make it on your journey in this life is to trust your intuition. Trust you are on the right path.

Trust the path

Christopher Vogler, at the very end of his book The Writer’s Journey, tells a story about getting lost. He was hiking some place in California and finds he is no longer on the trail he thought he was hiking. He starts to panic, tired and without the necessary supplies, he looks into the canyon. There is no way out, perhaps he should jump in and end it quickly.
He recognizes panic has set in and stops to calm himself and gets quiet and still. He hears a voice telling him “Trust the path.”
It means that when you are lost and confused, you can trust the journey that you have chosen, or that has chosen you…The journey has its own wisdom, the story knows the way. Trust the journey. Trust the story. Trust the path.
At that point, there doesn’t appear to be any path. But as he starts to trust his intuition, a path opens up before him and leads him back to safety.

Learning to Trust you Intuition

What was that voice inside Christopher Vogler? Instinct. Intuition. God. The universe. A still small voice. We all have a voice inside of us that knows who we are, and what we need to do. We all need to find a way to trust we are on the right path.
The alternative is a life lived without purpose, focus or meaning. A life in which fear is in the driving seat. When we don’t trust the path we are on, we end up in a state of spiritual, emotional and sometimes even physical death.

How to trust your intuition

The stakes are high, but there is no 5 step process to help you learn to trust your intuition. It is a slow path. It’s a race won by the turtles, not the hares. Not that it’s even about winning.
It’s about finishing what we start and becoming our true self. It’s about reaching our full potential and living the one life we have the best way we can.
If you go looking for that still small voice inside of you, you’ll find it has always been there. You may need some practice and make some mistakes along the way. And you may need a guide or a mentor, or a community of like-minded people who can help you to trust yourself.
It may not be easy but you won’t ever regret it.

You Are on the Right Path


Trusting your instincts is easier when you know the territory

When I finished secondary school some friends and I went youth hostelling in Devon. We spent a week exploring country lanes, old churches, and quaint fishing villages.
This was long before the days of GPS enabled smart phones. Few people even had mobiles (I’ve made myself feel old). We didn’t even have proper maps. So when we went wandering through the lanes it was inevitable that we would get lost.
But there weren’t many choices of road to walk down. The landscape was made up of rolling hills, hedgerows and fields. We could see across the land around us. It wasn’t too hard to guess which way we needed to walk to get back.
There was no one else around to ask, and we couldn’t know for certain we were going the right way. But I was confident we were going to get back to the hostel. And sure enough we did.


Trusting your instinct is harder in an unfamiliar land

Fast forward a few years, and I was in China. I worked in Nanjing for a year (from 99-00, now I really am showing my age). I got lost all. the. time.
On one occasion my dad had wired some money for Christmas. It took me hours to find the office to pick up the cheque. China has a haphazard system for numbering buildings. An address alone is not enough to tell you where to find somewhere. I was close but walked round and round before eventually finding the place.
But over time I got to know the city. I went everywhere by bike just like the locals. Cycling an hour one way to get to places became the norm. I got to know the roads. When I had my wallet stolen in an unfamiliar part of town I knew how to walk home, even though it was a long walk.

Before you can trust your intuition, you need to slow down enough to hear it

Why am I telling these stories? The modern world is busy and unfamiliar, just like China was to me. We live overcrowded, busy lives. There are so many people who want to tell us how what we should be doing. It can feel impossible to know what we want in the midst of all the noise.
Those quiet, simple country roads of Devon feel appealing right now. But upping and moving to the country is not an option for most of us. We have to be intentional about keeping our hearts and minds as clear as possible.
Slow down. Declutter. Simplify.
Trust your intuition. Trust you are on the right path
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