Bye-bye Comfort Zone, Hello Brave New Me


Bye-bye Comfort Zone, Hello Brave New Me

The Power of saying Yes

Japan Expo RevOILution

This past Sunday I stood up in front of a small group of people (around 20) and delivered a 30-minute presentation. For me this was a completely new thing, I’d never done anything like it before.

I was speaking at the Young Living Japan Expo. The most significant corporate event Young Living holds in Japan. There were several guest speakers from overseas, but I was not in that category. I am a Japan-based member, and although I’m still way down in the distributor ranks, I had the opportunity to volunteer.

They were looking for people to speak about one area of my “Aroma Routine”. I decided to talk about how I use oils in my “Workroom” or home office.

On Saturday I attended the Expo as a participant. I enjoyed the talks from experts in Lavender farming and Aroma Yoga. I tried out the oils and listened to a friend give her presentation.

But I spent most of Saturday having severe doubts about volunteering in the first place. Who am I to teach other people about using essential oils? Who am I to represent Young Living at a corporate event? What was I thinking?!!

What was I thinking?

Let’s retrace my line of thinking for a moment. I mean, what was I thinking?

I have only been in this business since June. It’s very much a part-time thing for me, so although I’ve learnt a TON, there’s still a lot I don’t know.

But I keep learning and trying all the oils I can get my hands on. The more I experience the oils and the toxin-free lifestyle that Young Living embodies, the more I want to share.

But to be honest, there’s still a lot holding me back. A lot of self-doubt. Let me count the ways. 1) I don’t know enough. 2) I’m not qualified. 3) I’ve never done anything like this before. 4) I’m just little old insignificant me.

I can counteract each of those doubts with a logical response, but the doubts still creep in. Let’s give it a try. 1) I know enough to teach classes for beginners. 2) I don’t need to be qualified; I just need to make sure I learn from people who are. I’m learning all the time, and I can pass on that knowledge. 3) In 1999 I stepped on a plane and flew to China to teach English, I’d never done that before either. I’ve made a habit of doing things I’ve never done before so why would I let that stop me now! 4) Playing small never helped anyone.

I do not want to let doubt, or fear, make my decisions for me. I want to be a person who is open, and positive and keeps challenging herself to try new things.

Isn’t it awesome to have something which helps you keep growing and provides opportunities to step out of the old comfort zone?

Turning my back on cynical me

As an INTP and British Gen Xer, I know how to be cynical, and sceptical. I’m quite accomplished at questioning all the things, with a look of disbelief on my face.

But here’s the thing, those behaviours weren’t serving me too well. Questions are valuable but not when they lead to inaction. When I started this journey, I decided to jump in wholeheartedly. I decided to trust and to believe that it will take me on a path of positive transfromation.

And it has done, and it is doing, and it will do. It may take a while, as my guru Rob Bell likes to say. But when you are ready to learn the universe will bring you the right teacher.

So yeah, I wanted to say yes to whatever opportunity came my way. Thanks to my mentor and Scentsible Tribe leader I had the chance to be involved with the Expo. This new, confident me, said yes, I want in and came up with a proposal.

Are you are cynic or do you find it easy to be open to new things? Are you looking for a change?

How did it go?

Aroma Routine

I’ve taught for most of my adult life, so speaking in front of small groups it’s not that big of a deal. I’m used to classes of 25-30 students.

But, I’m also used to those students not listening to me. 18-22-year-olds would much rather text their friend, chat or zone out when in class. On Sunday the people who took the time to stop and listen wanted to hear what I had to say!

As you can see from the picture I was standing in front of a tall table with people gathered around to listen. I started with three people and by the end around 20 people stopped to listen to at least some of what I said.

I started out shaky but warmed up as I saw people were nodding, making eye contact and taking notes about what I said. I felt myself relax into it about halfway through. My husband was translating, but many of them were following what I said in English.

It was actually kind of fun. If I was going to analyse the content and my delivery, I’m sure I would find many points of improvement. But that’s ok; perhaps the universe will give me another opportunity to practise my public speaking skills sometime.

There’s no way to assess how a talk has gone. I don’t know if someone listening is still thinking about what I said or putting into practice some of my tips; or if they hated it and were bored. Probably I never will.

But for my part, it was a success. I challenged myself. I slathered myself in Valor (my favourite oil blend) and was calm and present as I spoke.

It turns out I do have something to say!

What challenges are you taking on in the near future? Wouldn’t it be great to have access to something which can help you stay grounded and help you let go of what is holding you back?

So, what did I talk about at the EXPO?

Watch the video for a brief outline. To watch the full 30 minutes, sign up using the form below for instant access to the video.


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