10 Fundamentals for an Authentic Life


10 Fundamentals for an Authentic Life

We live in a fast-paced world. Books, advertisements, and self-proclaimed productivity experts all seem united in their message. Do more. Be more. Achieve more.

It can be easy to believe that your worth is based on how much you get done in a day. Social media invites us into a competition, telling us to hustle, get s**t done and live our lives in constant motion.

For mums, it can feel like the bar is too high. Everyone else is winning but you.

Other people’s kids are better behaved than yours. All those other mums have organised homes and cook everything from scratch. Whatever they touch has the golden glow of Pinterest-worthy perfection.

For writers, there are all the people boasting about finishing their in record time. They finish their books in a month, or less! Someone even wrote and self-piblished published within a day!

How are the rest of us mere mortals ever supposed to keep up? And I can’t help wondering at the quality of words knocked out so fast.

Life is not a competition; it’s an adventure

From a very young age, we can get the message that life is a competition. There are winners and losers. And no one wants to be a loser.

Everything is a race to the top. There can be only one winner and second best is never good enough.

But here’s the thing. When everything is a competition then no one wins. We may get to taste success sometimes, but no one can win at everything all the time.

Those Pinterest-worthy mums? Scratch the surface and you’ll find they are not as perfect as we all seem to want to believe.

And perfectionism is not an ideal any of us should aim for. The reality is that those who try to be perfect never feel like they are good enough.

Words to Live By: Introducing the Slow Path

In the midst of all the noise and busy-ness I want to invite you to slow down. Ask what is really inportant to you? How can you pursue an authentic, meaning filled life?

The following ten principles came out of some coaching sessions I did last year. The Slow Path is a phrase from a Doctor Who episode. It reflects the fact that the meaningful things in life often take time.

When we go to fast and get too busy we can forget our own core values. The transformation of heart, mind and spirit which will open us up to the life we were made for will not take place.

Introducing “The slow path: 10 Fundamentals for an authentic Life”.

1. Enjoy the Journey.

2. Don’t let fear do the driving.

3. Trust you are on the right path.

4. Failure is one step closer to success.

5. Stay open, curious and flexible.

6. Feed imagination, creativity and your mind.

7. Treasure the questions.

8. Believe in yourself and the future.

9. The little things are the big things.

10. Love is a verb.

Over the next few weeks I will elaborate on these fundamentals. I hope you’l come back to read more!

My friend Charlotte Marillet created a beautiful poster to accompany this series. Please enter your email in the box below to get your copy.

I love the way she interpreted my words through her illustration!


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